If you're going to invest in any jewelry this year, then my recommendation is to go for classic pieces that are work-appropriate enough to wear from 9-5, but still chic from 9-9.  Or from 9-10.  (Or in my case,  from 9 to...never.  Fashion never sleeps, so why should I, right?)*

Anyway, my point is not to endorse bad sleeping habits -- not sleeping enough is a killer (along with sitting, which I'm also doing right now...#deathdoublewhammy) --but instead, to suggest some great working girl staples that will make you feel like a boss in the boardroom.  And if that's too high of a bar, then at least they won't break the bank.


work wear edit

  1. Noelle Pendant, Jacyln Mayer $135
  2. Pointed End Stud, Ashley Thorne ($360
  3. Multi-Hammered Bracelet, $52
  4. Fabrice Pendant $140

* Kidding.  I love sleep.  You should, too.