As much as I love new trends, I find that obsessing over fashion and what's "trendy" creates more burden than it does joy.  As I get older, I’ve begun embracing the notion that “being free” (that is, freeing my mind, my time, my wallet) might be a better alternative than being “fashionable.”   With that in my, here's what I'm eyeing this spring...

Rainbow bright tassels

Maybe it's festival seasonal, maybe it's the resurgence of an inner bohemian sensibility -- or maybe it's merely the undeniable allure of accessible (under $100, anyone?) price points?  Whatever the case, I'm feeling the brightly colored tassel jewelry trend like I'm gearing up for Coachella.  While I can't reveal any details just yet, you can expect to see Hatch carrying an capsule collection of styles similar to the Shashi pieces below.

Modernist Jewelry

The beauty and sculptural simplicity of modernist jewelry recall a purity and elegance that results in an easy transition from day to night.  


Between the frenzy of fashion week, my birthday (I turned 29) and moving into a new apartment, February 2016 proved a hell of month.  It's still freezing in New York City, but I'm hanging hope on a brighter spring.  With that in mind, here's what I'm looking forward to this March..

A statement piece that's "whimsical" and "bright

When it's spring, yet still cold outside, I rally for warmer weather by accessorizing with color.  I'm partial to the bold statement necklaces and bracelets by History & Industry.  Lately, I've been wearing their hot pink Amaryllis cuff  over a thin cotton turtleneck or long sleeved black leotard paired with jeans. 

Fringe earrings  

The fringe style is particularly "trendy" these days (I think?)  With that in mind, I like the modern twist of these Altimara Earrings by Joanna Bengoa.   Actually, they're more fang-like than fringe.  But maybe that's fun.  

Edgy arm candy

Lady Grey's Tidal Bracelet is an edgy take on a classic cuff style.  Pair with one of their cocktail rings, throw on a leather jacket, and pull on your favorite distressed denim jeans for a "downtown chic" ensemble. 

Classic pearls with an unexpected twist.  

I love how these earrings by Saskia Diez feel uptown enough for work, but also very fresh.  (If you're feeling wilder, try her lime green variation.)   Style with a Pearl Pop Ring, flower print dress and leather mules for a cohesive feminine look.